Wassily Kandinsky
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Wassily Kandinsky, early years.

Wassily Wasilyevich Kandinsky was born on the 16th of December in the year of 1866 in Moscow. Wassily was always a talented child. in 1871 Wassily attended a grammar school and learnt to play the piano and the cello, Wassily also hired a drawing coach.
Wassily's parents always saw him growing up to start a career in being a lawyer after Wassily attended a law school in Moscow called the 'Law Faculty of Moscow University'.
In 1983 he became and accosiate proffesor of Law Faculty and continued teaching.
In 1896 he left for Munich where he settled in, and entered Anton Azbe's prestigious private painting school and then moved on to the Academy of Fine Arts , where he received the first skills in image composition, in work with line and form.
In 1900 after failing the year before, Wassily joined the Munich Academy of Arts, and studied under Franz Stuck, Germans number one graphic artist.
while there he was aquainted with a young artist "Gabriela Munter"
and the nin 1903 he devorced his wife Anna Chimyakina.
The next five years after, he and Gabriela traveled all around Europe.
In 1914 he returned to Moscow, after World War 1.
In 1922 Kandinsky got offered and accepted a teaching role at the Bauhaus school.

e.g. one of his works:

This is good biographical information. Need to go on now and look at his design work. What was his philosophy and what are some examples of his work? His links to the Bauhaus School.

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