Types of Graphics Software

Graphics Software


Graphics Design Software covers a wide spectrum of digital tools intended for the creation and manipulation of various types of images and other computer graphics media. there are a HUGE number of programs ranging from simple 8-bit pixel editors to full blown 3D graphics utilities such as Autodesk's 3DS max.

2D Graphics

Graphics software can combine graphics but the tools in this age of software are much more sophisticated. Graphics software offers tools for precise control over graphics placement, leading, kerning, and some image editing functions. High-end desktop Graphics software has the power to handle layouts for books, magazines, and other large publications.
When Graphics software first emerged, the only products available were expensive, high-end Graphics packages. More recently, the low-end desktop publishing market has exploded with products intended for small businesses and home users (SOHO).
There are alot of different graphic softwares out there such as static graphics, animation and video editing software.
Nearly all graphic programs can import and export one or more file formats.
It also can export files to one or more files. Computer graphics can also be used editing software like Pizap, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and etc. Some other software that can be used is animation software such as windows Movie Maker and etc.

High-End Graphics Software:

•Adobe InDesign

3D Graphics


1973's SuperPaint was one of the earliest graphics software applications.


A 32 Bit Graphics Software for Windows NT
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