Exam preparation

The exam for this course is in four sections.

Section A

This section assesses criterion 21 . There are 8 questions, of which you must answer 4. The time allocated to this 20 minutes so you need to complete each question in 5 minutes. In this section you can expect questions on how to achieve specific outcomes with the design software, a question on the design process, a question on the design elements and principles as well as a question on sketching.

Section B

This is another short answer section. You choose 4 questions out of eight in 20 minutes. Criterion 72 is assessed. In this section you can expect questions on computer hardware, functions of the software, file types, design history.

Section C

In this section criterion 2 will be assessed. You will choose 1 question out of 4 and you will have 40 minutes to complete that question. In this section you might be asked to design a logo, an animation, an object or a space like a kitchen or apartment. You will be given the design brief to work from. Ensure you use the design process and make the steps clear. Take time to produce good quality sketches.

Click here for sample section C questions

Section D

This section assesses criterion 7 again. As for section C you will have 40 minutes to complete 1 question out of a choice of 4. You may need to provide detail on a graphics system and how it applies to an industry, you may be asked to discuss one of the design movements. you might also be asked to give a detailed discussion of the design principles.

Click here for sample section D questions

Note that this is a guide only, and every exam is different.

You can access past exam papers at http://www.tqa.tas.gov.au/1115. I suggest that the exams since about 2010 are the most useful.

2013 midyear paper

You can access a copy of the 2013 midyear paper here.

and sample solutions and marking scheme for sections A and B of this paper here.

2013 final paper

You can download a copy of the final exam for 2013 here.

I have prepared some sample solutions to the short answer sections. Note that these are my answers, and yours might be different and still gain full marks. To view them click here.

further exam practice

I have provided a series of sample short answer questions for you to practice on. When you finish you will be given a link to allow you to go back in and add to your answers, keep that link for the future. If you don't complete all the questions on the first attempt, just click through to the end of the questions to save your answers. I suggest that you do your best to answer the questions without research, and always limit your research to this wiki and the 3DS Max help files (there is a link to the help files in the top menu of this page). If you find that the dcdesign wiki does not have the information you need feel free to add or edit a page.

When you have prepared your answers click here to look at sample solutions.
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