Orthographic Projection

Orthographic projection is a way of representing 3D objects in 2D. In orthograpic projection the front, top and side views are shown separately. In Australia the standard is called third angle projection and the top view appears above the front view, and the side view is shown to the right of the front view. (If necessary the other side view can be shown to the left of the front view, a bottom view can be placed under the front view and a back view can be placed above the top view.) Hidden details appear as dotted lines.


Orthographic projections show the dimensions and shapes accurately to scale and they are good to use as templates when modelling or contructing a 3D object, but they do not simulate the appearance of the object in 3D.

This is how orthographic projections give a front, side and top view


This tutorial shows how to construct an orthographic projection.

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