Motion Capture

motion capture is the process of recording movement of objects or people, the captured motion can then be applied to Rigged Models. motion capture is used in the military, robotics, film making , video game creation, sports and animation. Motion capture is very similar to an old animation technique that is was used in films like the lord of the rings called rotoscoping. rotoscoping is were actors would act out the animated character then the animator then projects the actors movement onto a animation table frame by frame while the animator trace the live action actor onto animation cells frame by frame, the animator then fills in the traced outlines with the animated character.
some of the advantages to motion capture are:
- Live action body animation recording
- Reasonably simple once you understand it
- You can record complex and realistic movement
- When mistakes are made it is easier to record the animation then to edit it

Some disadvantages of using motion capture are:
- Clipping of the model can occur if the human being recorded does not consider the size of the model
- The cost of good software can become really expensive
- Specific motion capture software requires a higher spec pc

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