Memphis Group

The Memphis Group was an Italian design and architecture group founded in Milan by Ettore Sottsass. It was founded in 1981, and was active until 1988 when it was disbanded.

They drew heavy inspiration from Pop Art and Art Deco, as well as the 1950s themes of Kitsch and Futurism. Much of their furniture consists of angles and very bright colours.

The group exhibited furniture and design object yearly until their disbandment in 1988. The result of the group was a debut at the 1981 Salone de Mobile, which is the worlds most prestigious furniture fair.


The founder of the group, Sottsass, left in 1985, 3 years before it officially disbanded.

Although officially stopped in 1988, the style was more popular during the 1990s, where it had an even stronger impact on the furniture and architecture.

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