Jon Hicks
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Jon Hicks, (Born 28th October 1972), Is an English Designer who Practices Computer Graphics Design. He is Best known for Designing Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird logos as well as working on the Micro, and MailChimp logos.


September 2007 - February 2008 - Together with John Oxton,Jon Hicks hosted The Rissington Podcast from the ex-RAF military base where Hicksdesign studios was Based [2]. The podcast's topics are web design, technology and Cheese.

September 2008 - He announced he was taking on the position of senior Designer for Opera Software, To help improve the Macintosh interface for the Company's Opera Web Browser.

February 2010 - He blogged about Quitting his current position working full time at Opera to do Freelance work again.

June 2015 - Opera Software announced that he will join Opera as Lead designer for the Desktop Team.

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