Giacomo Balla

Giacomo Balla was born on 18th July 1871 in Turino Italy and died at the age of 87 in Roma 1985. Giacoma studies music and was mainly a self-taught artist. in his earlier years before his futurist art period, he was influenced by the pointilism of Georges Seurat and Italian Divisionism. This style was delevoped by a group in northern Italy and expanded on the Impressionism's concern with capturing the effects of light.

Giacomo was one of the first futurist painters and a founding member of the style. Balla was a well established teacher of the form and his participation in the movement reflected a dramatic change in his painting style. Some time around 1908-1910 he bacame rather fascinated with the pictorial depiction of light, speed and movement as described by the Futurists main objective to portray movement. In his earlier paintings he concentrated on trying to make the paintings seem as though they were in motion. Balla experimented with repeateed sequences to show speed and that an object or figure was in motion. Some examples of his painiting include a dog on a leash and the hand of a violinist.


Dog on a Leash


Hand of a Violinist

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