A famous piece of Futuristic art named 'The City Rises' by Umberto Boccioni.

the-city-rises-1911.jpgAfter 1920, most artists moved onto Fascism.
Futurists where fascinated by modern style, in the context of art, they would strive for pieces that induce multiple sensations, not just visual but those sensations of heat, smell and noise.
Specific futurist distinct style was not established until 1911;
it was then influenced by Cubism, a form of art in which images are seemingly made up of solid shapes.
A perfect example of this style is this superman piece, done in a cubist form.

Futurists started using chronophotography which is is an antique photographic technique from the Victorian era (beginning about 1867–68), which captures movement in several frames of print. These prints can be subsequently arranged either like animation cels or layered in a single frame. This was used as a way to convey movement, this was new at the time.

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