eBoy ("the GodFathers of pixel")

eboy was a 3 person art group that was created on 2nd may 1997 it consisted of Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. They released their first major piece of art "Berlin" in 2002 with their signature pixel art style which has now been followed up by 15 more major pieces. Each of their big art works are of big cities with Paris, Rio Berlin, Los angeles, London and many more but with each piece having a major twist in it. Whether its a giant squid attacking the titanic or a star wars themed hover car race , each piece is unique.


With massive success eBoy has worked with some big named brands like Coca-cola and addidas but have more recently moved onto other projects like Xbox 1 and gum tree. eBoy currently has a list of over 120 partners some of which are Nike, Honda, Adobe, xbox and Playstation. They have their art on almost every form of media they can whether its bean bags, vans, mats, wall paper, drums and even bikes.

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