Design Process

Effective design follows a process from the original idea to the end product. Different writters describe this process in different ways, but all agree that there are basic elements of definiting the brief, analysis, planning solutions, implementation and evaluation, in any effective design process.

Autodesk define the process as 6 steps: 1

  • Design brief
  • Analysis/Research/Specification
  • Develop solutions
  • Select best solution
  • Implementation
  • Testing/Implementation/Evaluation

Alternative definitions

This graphic representation by Keith Grauer2 is simular to the Autodesk definition, but adds that the process is cyclic. The evaulation stage naturally feeds back into further improving the design.


Another representation from the 'Discover design' web site3 also illustrates the cyclic nature to the design process, but divides the steps up differently and includes mention of feedback from other stakeholders including the client, which is also important.



Although different authors define the process in different ways, they all have in common the basic elements of defining the brief, analysis, planning solutions, implementation and evaluation.

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