Design Elements - Points



A point is represented as a dot or a small other shape. Point is one of the simplest design elements. In mapping, a point is used to indicate a point of interest and geographical features, but in a diagram or documents, a point might be used as part of a bulleted list to identify a series of concepts or statements. When used as a tonal element in dot rendering, a point can convey the texture and characteristics of an object and express tonal variations effectively.

A point is a small but powerful object that can play tricks on the human mind to change the way you look at an image or picture.

If you were to look at this picture you would only see the point used; that's all there is for your mind to process.
But if you were to look at the two dots, your mind draws an imaginary line in-between the points, this is your mind trying to make some sense out of the picture by connecting the dots.
When there are 3 dots your brain decides that there is a triangle there, not just three points on the page.

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