Cloud Computing

The cloud has always been a term used to refer to the internet. Network controllers would refer to their local network and a gateway leading out into the ‘cloud’, meaning the area outside their control and responsibility.

Cloud computing refers to placing documents and applications out in that cloud. Services like Google and Microsoft make applications like word processors and services like document storage available to users over the internet. This has the advantage of making user files and applications available from any location. It does have security implications if it isn't managed properly and it also relies on available bandwidth.

The cloud is also a powerful tool for designers. By placing their work out in the cloud designers are able to collaborate effectively with others anywhere in the planet. They are able to make their work available to all using a creative commons license, and also access their work as they travel.

As an example of how cloud computing can be used by designers, Autodesk now provide a cloud service for designers called Autodesk 360. As registered users of Autodesk software, or members of the Autodesk user community you have free access to this. The URL is

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