What is it?

Blender is an open-source 3D modelling program that is used by a lot of people, mainly because it is free to use and offers the same quality as paid software. Blender is Jam Packed full of features the same as most paid software but it has a feature even 3ds max does not have still background images with an easy interface.


Blender has alot of features that are extremely useful to any artist such as:

Photorealistic Rendering


Fast Modeling

This is majorly demonstrated through the easy to use and remember keyboard shortcuts.


Realistic Materials

The material editing/creation in blender is very easy while still being able to achieve amazing materials through layering material presets or creating your own.


Fast Rigging

Rigging can be achieved through blender's easy weight painting and automatic skinning.


Animation Toolset

The blender animation toolset allows animators to quickly and easily make animations with IK Forward/Inverse Kinematics, Non Linear Independent Movements (NLA), Automated walk cycles along paths.



Blender sculpting has many of its own features including 20 brushes, Multi-res sculpting, Dynamic topology and Mirrored sculpting tools for easy beautiful models.


Fast UV unwrapping

Fast UV unwrapping is a very useful blender tool that helps artists overcome the struggle of complex texturing.


Built-in Compositor


Amazing Simulations

Simulation tools include: Fluid, Smoke, Hair, Cloth, Rigid body Physics and Particles.


Game Creation

Blender has many tools for developing games


Demo Reels

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