Design Project: Lotus Logo

This project is from the Autodesk® Digital Steam web site.


In this project you will design a graphic logo in a lotus mandala pattern. The focus of the project is on how colour can be used effectively as a design element. Begin by watching the following instructional video. It will review the design process and show you how to draw the design using the Autodesk® SketchBook® software.

Understand - Explore

This is an exercise in the use of colour in design. Research how colour can be used to create different effects, what colours can be used together, and how designers think about colour in general. You might like to study the information on the design elements wiki page. Also click here to download a document on using colour.

your task will be to create a range of colour combinations. Discuss each combination with respect to the colour choice and the effect it creates: hot/cold, calming, agressive, bold, …


Produce your mandalas using colour combinations


Produce a report with your mandalas and the accompanying discussion.

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